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The Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

This course prepares participants for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test – an internationally recognised qualification from the University of Cambridge designed especially for Teachers of English.

Course Details

The course concentrates on the study of ‘teaching knowledge’, it has been developed to help grow teacher confidence in the classroom and develop their skills. The TKT course consists of a number of core and specialist modules. On completion of the modules, the teacher can take the TKT at our Authorised examination centre in Erbil. The exam is available either computer based or paper based.

What is included in TKT?

The course covers a variety of concepts related to language, language use and the background to and practice of language learning and teaching. It is divided into 3 modules-:

Module 1: Language and Background to teaching and learning

  • Describing language and language skills
  • Background to language learning
  • Background to language teaching

Module 2: Lesson planning and resources for the language teacher

  • Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons
  • Selection and use of resources and materials
  • Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process

    • Teachers and Learners language in the classroom
    • Classroom Management

    How is TKT Assessed?

    There is a written exam for each module, which involves answering 80 questions by selecting a letter for the correct answer. The teacher’s performance is reported using four bands, from Band 1 (limited knowledge) to Band 4 (extensive knowledge).

    What level of English language is required for TKT?

    Participants should have a good level of English to part on the course and exam, at least intermediate level (B2 or above).

    Course Module 1 28 hours including practice tests $250
    Course Module 2 14 hours including practice tests $130
    Course Module 3 12 hours including practice tests $110
    Cambridge TKT Text Book 1 $20
    Computer based test per module 1 $60
    Paper based test per module 1 $75

    N.B Each class is for 90mins. – Costs for courses and exams are per module, per person
    For more information contact -:
    Rasheda Zaher
    Tel-: 0750 445 8110
    Email-: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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