Why choose Britannia College of English?
We have experience in English Language Teaching and our staff are experts in the field and passionate about teaching and learning. Our courses are from CUP and our exams are accredited and accepted by the UK border control agency

When should I apply for the training course?
You should apply as early as possible. The number of places is limited and applications will be treated on the basis of first come, first served. You should aim to complete these arrangements no later than 3 weeks before the start of the course.

What are the school opening hours?
The school is open for general enquiries Saturday to Thursday 9am – 8pm. Please see the contact page for your local center.

Can I choose my teacher?
This is not usually possible, because timetabling of teachers is very complicated. However, if you decide to have one-to-one tuition, we will match you with the best teacher for your individual needs.

How do I know which course is right for me?
As well as offering a full placement staff our fully trained staff will work with you to analyze your language needs and to find the best learning situation for you. Don't forget that what was right two years ago might not be right now.

How can I join a course?
You can visit your local centre or email or phone in with your details. If it's your first time studying with us, we'll invite you in for a placement test (this is to assess your grammar & vocabulary knowledge and ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking English). Once that's done we'll reserve a place for you until you pay the course fees. Upon receipt of payment your seat is confirmed. You may purchase your course books once the course begins.

Are exam fees included in the course fees?
Sometimes it depends on the type of exam and the level. It is better to enquire at your local center.

What are Executive Solutions?
Britannia College can teach in-house classes to companies if they require. This will save your employees time and money. Let us know what your needs are. This can be for a group or for individual executives.

Where will the training take place?
In house courses can be delivered at your office premises, if you have the required facilities or at our purpose built training facility, but arrangements must be negotiated and agreed prior to delivery.


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