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Need to learn or improve your English for work, study, travel or simply make conversation with friends? The English course at Cambridge College focuses on the English you need to communicate in everyday situations by using original textbooks from Cambridge University Press.

We offer a wide variety of English language courses aimed at different levels and ages. We are specialized in offering Academic and General English courses. We have experience in English language teaching and our tutors are passionate about teaching and learning.

Our communicative approach encourages all students to take an active part in all lessons. The English courses will give you a practical understanding of the English language and take you all the way to fluency. See your confidence improve as we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The courses are divided into six levels. On registration you will be asked to do an online placement test which puts you into your correct level, each level lasts two months and all courses take place five days a week two hours per day.

Course Times at Centres (subject to availability)

9am -11am
11am – 1pm
2pm – 4pm
4pm – 6pm
6pm – 8pm

English for Specific Purposes

As well as General and Academic English, Cambridge College also specialises in offering bespoke language courses for those professionals and students wanting to improve English in their chosen profession. These include English for hospitality, medicine, nursing, accounting, engineers, business, management and many more.

IELTS Preparation Course

In as little as 2 weeks we will give you the skills and strategies to walk into the exam room with confidence and walk out with a great result. IELTS preparation course will help you get the band score you need in IELTS Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This innovative preparation course has been designed and written by experienced English teaching professionals. Each section of this course includes engaging multi-media presentations reviewing key test-taking skills, strategies and techniques. These are accompanied by a wide variety of authentic IELTS-style exercises and interactive activities that provide focused practice of the skills, strategies and techniques that you need to perform at your best.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Apply reading techniques to scan and skim texts quickly, and to find the main points.
  • Produce formal, academic writing which are clear, organised and concise.
  • Apply different listening techniques to cope with a variety of situations.
  • Speak with greater accuracy and fluency.
  • Manage time effectively in the IELTS test.

What makes us unique is our ability to combine the following elements into our courses:

  1. Communicative language teaching methodology
  2. Specific language for the client needs
  3. Qualified, experienced native and local speaker teachers
  4. Original Cambridge University Press material
  5. Experienced course designers for requested bespoke courses

Our Teachers

Our teachers are a mix of qualified, experienced, native speakers from the UK/US and Local teachers that have studied abroad. All our teachers hold related English Language and Teaching degrees and many have a Cambridge University accredited CELTA teaching qualification. We provide our own teacher training programme to all our new teachers and continuous professional development.

Our Management

We have a very strong management team at Britannia Educational Services, this includes an experienced Director of Studies and the owners are both UK citizens. The administration is managed by experienced Centre Managers who have a system in place for administrating the company teaching projects.

Our experience

We have provided English Language courses and Education Consultation to the following clients:
Korek Telecom
Various KRG Ministry departments
University of Soran Administration staff
Kurdistan Students Union
Kurdistan TV and Various TV and Media journalists
University of Dohuk and Zakho PhD lecturers
Directorate of Health – Sulaymani
Members of the Kurdistan Parliament
Ministry of Education – Directorate General of Training
Hawler Medical University – Faculty of Nursing
KRG Ministry of Martyrs
KRG Ministry of Peshmerga
KRG Ministry of Planning


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