Study in Dubai

Why study in Dubai – UAE?

  • A well-established education system
  • A city that offers a choice of international education institutions
  • Very economical tuition fees & living expenses compared to popular study destinations
  • Universities from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe & Asia host a branch campus in many of the cities education hubs
  • Great career and employment opportunities and tax-free earnings
  • A virtually crime-free city with safety and security as its priority
  • English is the commonly used language

Studying and Living in Dubai

With increasing opportunities in petroleum, construction, banking and IT sectors there has been an exponential increase in these numbers over the past few years. The proximity to home makes Dubai a very lucrative study destination to consider. The multicultural environment with an increased influx of foreigners will give you the international exposure that is a very integral part of any international education experience. There is a strong presence of campuses of international universities in Dubai which makes it attractive for students looking to study in a global environment.

A key attraction of studying in Dubai is the relatively low cost of fees and living expenses – certainly when compared to countries like the UK and US. The cost of living for international students in Dubai is is relatively low compared to many destinations.

List of Universities in Dubai
Heriot Watt University – Dudai Campus

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