Study in Malaysia

Why study in Malaysia?

1.    You can get a UK degree there...
A major part of Malaysia's state investment in higher education is its growing partnerships with universities in other countries. Many foreign universities, especially Australian and British, have branch campuses in Malaysia.
2.    …at a lower cost
While an undergraduate course at the UK Campus of the University of Nottingham would cost £13,470, the same course at the Malaysia campus would cost just under half as much (39,990MYR/ approximately £7,000). The course is the same module content, has the same evaluation criteria and the same marking scheme which results in receiving the same degree with the same status, but at a significantly lower cost.
3.    It's majorly multicultural
Malaysia is a multi-ethnic melting pot. Just half the population is Malay while almost a quarter is Chinese and over seven per cent is Indian.
4.    Places of interest
There are lots of interesting places to visit: ranging from nature (beach, mountains, jungles, rivers and caves), historical places, cultural destinations and shopping.
5.    Living expenses are very low
International students can live comfortably with just RM1400 a month inclusive of food, accommodation and other daily expenses.

Studying and Living in Malaysia

A key attraction of studying in Malaysia is the relatively low cost of fees and living expenses – certainly when compared to countries like the UK and US – Malaysia is much more than just a budget option for international students.
Home to at least one of Asia’s most exciting cities, Malaysia offers beautiful landscapes and traditional Malay culture juxtaposed with breath-taking modern architecture. Combined with the influences of indigenous groups and the external cultures of India, China and Britain, the region boasts one of the world’s most culturally diverse societies.

For those who want to make their study-abroad experience a real adventure, there’s plenty of scope to explore a diverse variety of natural landscapes – from orangutan sanctuaries and rainforest to beautiful beaches and islands.
English is the language of Instruction of private colleges and some government universities in Malaysia, and is commonly spoken by Malaysians. For those less proficient in the language, most colleges offer English proficiency classes.

Fees differ between universities in Malaysia, with the prevalence of international branch campuses and private institutions bringing the overall average up. In general, however, studying in Malaysia is cheaper than many countries, with average tuition fees currently standing at approximately US$3,985 per year. Although the prices of programs at Malaysia’s international branch campuses tend to be higher, they are still much cheaper than their international counterparts, while offering the same prestige.

The cost of living for international students in Malaysia is as low as MYR 11,000-14,000 (~US$2,670-3,140) per year, including food, travel and accommodation. While this is relatively low compared to many destinations.

Institutes in Malaysia:

  • Herriot Watt University
  • Newcastle University - Malaysia Campus

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